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Journeys with Janus

Amongst the Roman pantheon of deities sits Janus. Representing beginnings and transitions, this is the god after whom the month of January is named. Depicted as having two faces, one looking back to the past and the other looking in the opposite direction towards the future, Janus captures perfectly the duality I always experience as the year draws to a close. 

The Birmingham Royal Ballet

If I invited you to play a spot of ‘word association football’ and you kicked off with 'cupcake’, my response of ‘ballet’ might seem a bit odd. The link is not, I grant you, an obvious one. That is unless you happen to have been behind the scenes at the Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) and passed a sign on the stairs directing dancers to the Jennifer Rowe Cupcake Studio . . .

The First Georgians: Made in Hanover

I do, it has to be said, have a tendency to view the past through rose-tinted glasses, so when I think of the early Georgian era I imagine Capability Brown sweeping landscapes, Wedgwood 'Queen's Ware' china and powdered ladies dressed in sumptuous silks, wearing feathered hats perched at jaunty angles atop huge hair . . .